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Conroe Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing, Conroe, Texas

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    Are you content with the current kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Are they dated? Do those cabinets just not suit your style or colour theme you have to go on? Well, we are here to help we can refinish any cabinet you have in your home or office space. Do you have a limited budget? No problem Refinishing and refacing your existing cabinet is affordable and is way cheaper than replacing the whole lot. We have the skills you need to achieve your goal. Let us help you refinish your cabinets for a more modernise finish.

    About Us

    With our vast years of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on the best knowledge and product advice in Conroe. Our team members are highly skilled, talented and attentive to all your needs. We offer sound carpentry and painting services and we have a passion for the restoration of any cabinets.


    Our expert team is highly qualified in the refinishing field.  We ensure that there is no unnecessary money wasted; we value old or dated cabinetry that can be bought to life again with some love and care. We offer exclusive techniques on how best to restore your cabinets. We have high-quality products and only use the most dependable methods to complete the job correctly the first time. Our service complements the high quality and standards of our manufacturing. We provide a comprehensive line of refinishing products and services. You can always count on our team to produce high-quality results.

    a kitchen with a stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator

    A New Look For Your Cabinets

    When you require a fresh look for your dated cabinets or desire a new look. We can assist you with the right options and products that will match your home and style perfectly. There are several ways in which you can renew your cabinets, from colour changes, new designs and updated hardware to accessorise your living areas. A renewed look will play a big role in how your home is valued and how it feels.

    a kitchen with a marble counter top and wooden cabinets

    Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

    Kitchen cabinet refinishing entails retaining all of your existing cabinetry components while changing the colour or finish, which is often accomplished by using physical or chemical methods to remove the existing finish from the wood, followed by the application of new stain or paint. There are many colours to choose from. Let us share our techniques with you.

    “I had the privilege of purchasing my grandmothers very old style home, I have always loved that house since I was a young child and now it’s mine. However, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were terribly dated and in a rather poor shape after all the years of use. Your company saved the day with their excellent refinishing methods. I just can’t believe that it’s the same cabinets.  Your team handled my request in the most professional manner and I’m so happy with my remodelled kitchen and bathroom. Thank you for the amazing service” Chantel R

    Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

    Refinishing cabinets/vanities packs a powerful punch to the bathroom. It literally transforms the look of the space for a very low cost.  So, why replace when you can just refinish your mirror cabinets and vanities. You will be excited to show off your refinished bathroom cabinets to your visitors.

    a bathroom with two sinks and a mirror

    Storage Cabinets In Any Room

    Storage cabinets are extremely useful in the home for uses as a linen cupboard or a chest of drawers in the children's room. A storage cabinet is a piece of furniture that is passed on over generations, if well maintained. If your storage cabinet just doesn’t match everything in the room, let us refinish or reface it for you.

    a garage with white cabinets and a garage door

    "My wife and I, for years, have absolutely loved collecting old and dated antique furniture, items like dressers, chest of drawers and vanities and we have always enjoyed restoring these items ourselves. However, we are no longer young nor energetic to refinish our collection. We have handled over this project with your team of wonderful and friendly staff. We have had two units completed by your company already and wow! we are incredibly pleased. We are rather excited to see how the next one will come out" William B

    a kitchen with a stove top oven next to a refrigerator

    Refinishing or Refacing: Basics

    Cabinet refacing vs. resurfacing? What's the difference between refinishing and refacing kitchen cabinets?  Kitchen cabinet refinishing entails stripping existing paint/stain and then refinishing them with new paint/stain. Kitchen cabinet refacing entails removing old cabinet doors and hardware and installing new ones. We understand all the basic needs of the restoration process and will gladly apply the best techniques when handling your requests. Let's go over what it means to replace, reface, and refinish your cabinets.

    a large kitchen with a center island surrounded by bar stools

    Add New Life To Your Home!

    This is the opportunity to add some well-needed changes and colour to your home, so pull out all those storage cabinets and allow us to renew and revitalise the energy in your home with some amazing designs. We refinish all possible cabinets you can think of. Any cabinets from your kitchen area, living area and bathroom vanities. Let us apply the change for you.

    "Wow- your team are wonderful and are greatly talented, I enjoy seeing all your new work. I have seen the worse looking and outdated kitchen being turned into something beautiful, clean and fresh. Like in my house the kitchen area is the main gathering and hang out space for us. We chat while making dinner’s and go through the day’s activities together. We love how our kitchen looks after the cabinets were refaced. It could have come out any better. Thank you, I highly recommend your services” Lee-Ann D

    Contact Us Today

    Contact us today for all of your refinishing, refacing, and home cabinet renewal and remodelling needs. We will gladly assess the work that is required for your cabinets; for them to be restored correctly. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote. We will take care of all of your cabinet needs in Conroe. Before you consider complete replacement of all your cabinets, Let us provide you with alternative options first, that will save you money too.