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A New Look For Your Cabinets

a kitchen with a stove, oven and cabinets

The refinishing of the kitchen cabinet will mean you keep all the components in your existing cabinet and change the colour or finish, which is often done with sanding by hand or chemically stripping the existing finish from the wood. Basically, it is a matter of transforming your existing cabinets without the hassle of full replacements, refinishing is a great way to substituting their look, style and texture.


Why would you refinish your existing cabinets?
Although the refacing in the case of entirely new cabinets is generally less costly than re-facing the case, the cost of the replacement of the hinges and the hardware may add up. This can make it comparable to a complete refurbishment of the cabinet. Wood cabinets are perfect for painting, but every surface that can be sanded can be painted. Special bonding first is required for laminate cabinets. Your cabinets will shine with a gloss finish, but they may show lots of dings or errors. Typically, a semi-gloss or satin finish is used in kitchens.


Steps of refinishing
Firstly, make sure that the cabinet surfaces are cleaned. Step 2- Remember to protect the rest of your kitchen area like walls and floors from any messy products. Steps 3- soak the hardware. Step 4- start to refinish your cabinets and then lastly step 5- paint or stain the wood, sand and prime each area. Refacing cabinets is a fast and simple way to change your kitchen look at no high cost and no less mess.  The frame of the cabinets can simply be covered with a wooden self-adhesive window and 1/4-inch flaking panels. Then the old doors and drawer can be replaced by new ones. Before you get started make sure that you give your cabinets a decent scrub down, you can do this by mixing the same parts of white vinegar and hot water in a 5-gallon bucket. You can add some olive oil to the mix; this will help remove stubborn grease build-up.


Is it worth it?
Instead of replacing your older cabinets, both wood and money can be preserved, so it makes it worth it. You can also choose to refine to your liking, rather than replacing your cabinets, however, refinishing may not be an option if your cabinets are not made of wood. Cabinets with a typical range of $1,747 and $ 4,005, cost on average $2,864 for refinishing. It's much cheaper than a new system or a complete replenishment. You can expect to pay 4-10 dollars per square foot, including work and stain, lacquer, lacquer, paint or shellac materials.


What are the benefits of refinishing your cabinets?
Cabinet refinishing will not only revitalize your space but will also improve its look and value. It is a good way to give your kitchen a new finishing of natural wood. Apart from the new look, the additional protective cabinets are much longer-lasting. The advantage is that you can do it yourself at a lower cost and choose the suitable colour and style for you and your home. Allowing you to give your cabinets a modernised look. Your options are unlimited.

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