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About Our Business

a kitchen with a stainless steel stove top oven

Deciding between refacing or refinishing your kitchen cabinets should be simple, but if you are not familiar with the finer details of wood refinishing, it can make the decision much more difficult. Refinishing wood kitchen cabinets can appear to be a daunting, unfamiliar project for beginners, whereas replacing them appears to be more straightforward. But why spend unnecessary money and why remove those cabinets if there is no reason to. Do you know that the refinishing process, on the other hand, is just as straightforward, if not as well understood Refinishing kitchen cabinets, like changing out the kitchen tile backsplash, adopting a new kitchen colour scheme, or experimenting with new kitchen cabinet paint colours, can completely change the look and feel of the entire room.

Whether you require refinishing or refacing for your home or office cabinets, we have many options available from stain work to fresh and exciting new colours. Why replace it when you can restore and renew a perfectly operational cabinet. We believe in bringing wood to life, giving it a personality as well as uniqueness like no other. Our team consist of qualified and very talented individual even artists if we may say so. Each member offers skills and techniques that you won’t see anywhere else.  We appreciate the value that cabinets provide to your environment and we take pride in how each cabinet is handled and restored. We ensure that we provide the ultimate finished product every time. Let our company in Conroe handle your remodelling and refinishing projects with absolute care and pride.

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