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Storage Cabinets In Any Room

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What you can accomplish while refinishing your storage cabinets is limitless. Every detail is up to you, from the colours and design work to customizing the edges and handles; we have one-of-a-kind refinishing options for all of your wooden storage cabinets. Let us share some ideas with you. You will be surprised at the number of options you will have to choose from.


Why is it beneficial to refinish a storage cabinet?
Refinishing your used storage cabinets, once again, saves you money and allows you to use movable storage cabinets in other areas of your home or office. This is a lovely way to add some interesting colours or designs to a room.


Our Methods to remove old paint
Use paint remover to remove the paint. After you apply paint remover, wait 15-30 minutes before scraping. Note: If you only need a bit of paint remover, use a bowl made of ceramic or tin —the harsh chemical will eat away plastic. Set up a drop cloth and make sure the area is well ventilated as well, and then place your piece on an elevated surface such as paint cans for easy access to the bottom edges. Do not apply thin layers of paint remover, because the remover will not penetrate the paint deeply enough – you'll spend far more time sanding after you've scraped. Remember for stubborn or old paint, you may need to apply multiple layers of remover.


Scaping and sanding
 Remove paint with a scraper.  Scrape along the grain of the wood. If you are impatient and scrape too deeply, you will dig into the wood. Remove any excess paint with sandpaper. For major surfaces, use medium-coarse sandpaper (P60) and an electric hand sander. Use sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth out the edges. To get into all the more difficult spaces, a paint scraper will come in handy. If you start before the wood has completely dried, you may have difficulty sanding off the excess.


Some prepping
Tape off custom stripes and apply the first coat of paint, where desired. To avoid leakage, press down on the tape's edges.  Don't forget to apply painters tape to detailed edges, such as door panels and handles. Do not apply any wax layers after the first layer of paint, if you want the colour to shine through. The wax sealed the white paint underneath, making it impossible to sand down and allow it to show through.


Final touches
As this is the final layer, cover and neatly paint the entire piece (except custom lines). Avoid using semi-gloss paint. Why, you may ask? Because if you want a more rustic or distressed look, you'll need to sand through all the layers of paint (down to the white/first layer). If not cured, semi-gloss is very rubbery and will peel much like glue if sanded. So let the piece dry for an extra day before lightly hand sanding and distressing it. You will be pleased with the results of your refinished storage cabinets.

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