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a kitchen with a stove, sink and window

Need kitchen, bathroom and general cabinet refinishing? Our company in Conroe area can update the look of their kitchen on a budget. Refinished kitchen cabinets can last for years if done correctly. Because we are not replacing any drawer faces, doors, hinges, or veneers, the cost of refinishing a kitchen is less than that of refacing. Unfortunately, many companies will merely spray paint over your cabinets with enamel or latex paint and charge you for "refinishing"... Latex paint is designed to be applied to the walls, not the cabinets! Within the first few years, inferior products will quickly begin to chip and peel. The advantages of cabinet refinishing services are that it can be done at a much lower price. Cabinet replacement can be costly because they must be removed from the wall and the process will start from the beginning just like new and original installations are done.

Why waste the money if your cabinets are still in good and working condition refinishing or refacing allows more flexibility on choice and finishes, and the great thing is that you can change your cabinets as often as you like, as long as you use the correct products and tools.

We offer unique refinishing and refacing services to you in Conroe. We are passionate about renewing all cabinets from old to new and especially those delightful antique pieces.

This is a list of awesome services we provide.


  • A new look for your cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  • Bathroom cabinet refinishing
  • Storage cabinet in any room
  • Refinishing and refacing basics
  • Add new life to your home
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